Grilled eggplant

Grilled eggplant at Ristorante da Arturo

This past September my hubby and I booked a European cruise which included a few days in Rome. While there we dined at the Ristorante da Arturo. The food was delicious and we sampled several of the entrees. My husband enjoyed a perfectly prepared steak and I selected the Sea Bass and grilled eggplant.

We also sampled a plate of delicate sardines. They are nothing like the small smoked sardines we ate out of a can as kids…lol.  The chef prepared a plate of flakey sardines full of flavor. We ended the evening with a sampling of delectable desserts. The ambiance, wine and food made for a wonderful evening in Rome.

Dessert at Ristorante da Arturo

Dessert at Ristorante da Arturo

After returning home I visited the restaurant’s website and realized that the family who opened the restaurant was from Calabria. My great grandmother was born and raised in Calabria, and we still have relatives in the area. I hoped to visit with them but we were unable to make that happen. However, I was happy to know that I had a little taste of Calabria while in Rome.

According to the history on their website, Arturo and his family moved to Rome and started a catering business over 40 years ago.  The menu offers Mediterranean cuisine enhanced with fresh and simple ingredients with a taste of Calabria. Foreigners and locals as well as, Pope John Paul II have eaten there. In 1999, Arturo passed the torch to his son Bernard.

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